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What's it all about?

Counter-Strike remote admining!

Now available for Windows and Pocket PC!!

At the beginning, all I wanted was a tool that could tell me who was really playing on our server.

As it has developed, it has become a full remote server admin tool which can do the following (mostly via rcon admin access):

CROCS Screenshot
  • Show you who's playing on your server, and what their real name is
  • Easily change the current map
  • Edit any of the server settings directly and quickly.
  • Never have to type in your servers password, it works it out for you! (If you have rcon access)
  • Process hotkeys whilst you play CS, and run custom commands on the server for you.
  • Launch CS through Steam. It launches Steam for you if necessary.
  • Drag server setting files onto the application and it will run them remotely on the server
  • With custom menus, you can run custom commands on a selected player
  • Minimised it hides in the sys tray and can balloon tip when people join the server
  • View server logs live, as they are generated.
  • Completely control any remote hl server using rcon
  • Control HLTV for recording demos of matches!
  • Auto updates itself
  • Works with other hl mods (CS, NS, DOD) and also works with Call of Duty (and generally Q3 rcon based servers)
  • Supports limited IRC
  • Mani mod support for Source


If you need help, or want to suggest any more functionality, go to the CRO Forums, the link is on the left:

What's New - 3.15

What's New - 3.14

What's New - 3.13

What's New - Pocket CROCS 1.4.4

What's New - 3.12

What's New - 3.11

What's New - 3.10

What's New - 3.9

What's New - 3.8

What's New - 3.7

What's New - 3.6

What's New - 3.5

What's New - 3.4

What's New - 3.3

What's New - 3.2 What's New - 3.1 What's New - 3.0 What's New - 3.0 BETA

Note this will not download automatically. It's a BETA there are bugs in it!

What's New - 2.2 What's New - 2.1 What's New - 2.0 What's New - 1.9 What's New - 1.8 What's New - 1.7 What's New - 1.6 What's New - 1.5

Check out the 'Files' section for the new definition of the custom menus - an example custom menu file is supplied with the download.

What's New - 1.4

Release version! This varies from the 1.3 in the following:

Check out the 'Files' section for more info on customisable menus.

What's New - 1.3

Release version! This varies from the 1.2 Beta in the following:

A big thanks to everyone who played with it, esp. Bullet and Ddave for finding bugs.

What's New - 1.2 Beta

Okay so I lied?? Dimmy wanted to be able to look at logs, so I stuck it in!
Release date 08/Oct/2003 - it now includes the following features:

This will definitely, absolutely, be the final beta release before 'going live'

What's New - 1.1 Beta

A new release is out 04/Oct/2003 - it now includes the following features:

This will be the final beta release before 'going live'